Custom Deer Food Plot Service Minnesota

While we may be farmers, we’re avid deer hunters. We utilize our Agricultural Drones to provide custom deer food plot seeding and fertilization throughout the State of Minnesota. 

We offer custom deer food plot services in Minnesota:

  • Food plot seeding (spring, summer, and fall)
  • Food plot fertilization (spring, summer, and fall)
  • Deer food blend seeds (or, we spread your mix)

Throughout the farming season, our custom drone service is used on a variety of crop and pasture land by farmers all over the State. As a result, demand and timing can out-weigh our availability. If you are interested in having our team plant your food plot for deer this season, please reach out to Brian right away for a fast, free quote. 

For Food Plot Quotes Call / Text Brian Halonen: (320)266-8072 

Whether you’ve got a food plot in an impossible location, you’re looking to create a food plot in a timber area, or simply do not have the time (or equipment!) to get your plot ready for deer season, we’d love the opportunity to talk hunting.

Photo shows a swamp where our drone built a deer food plot in Northern Minnesota

We Can Get Your Food Plot In Anywhere

Our clients hunt all over the state of Minnesota. They hire us to plant their plots for a number of reasons:

  • Want a food plot, lack equipment
  • Lack of time to plant food plots
  • They want plots in “off the beaten path” areas where getting equipment is hard, or impossible

We aerial seed deer food plots using a drone. This means that we can seed food plots.. pretty much anywhere.

The Advantages of Using A Drone For Your Deer Food Plot This Year

Photo shows clover growing between corn rows when used as a cover crop

Frost Seeding Food Plots

We frost seed cover crops for food plots while the ground is still covered in snow, or frozen. By frost seeding, your plot will be able to germinate at the first possible chance in the Spring. 

Drone seeding a cover crop as  a food plot works great for standalone use, as weed suppression for later season plots, or for fixing Nitrogen for Corn food plots.

Photo shows brassica food plot growing in a soybean planting for deer

Inter-seeding Foot Plots

Our custom drone service allows us to inter-seed late season food plot blends into existing crops, like soybeans or corn.

Food plots aren’t just for getting deer on your property during the early season. Inter-seeding a late season food source onto a standing crop such as soybeans brings them in up until the end of the season.  

Photo shows drone seeded food plot in hard to reach area on whitetail property

Off The Beaten Path / Lack of Equipment

Want a world class food plot, but lack equipment (or the time)? Let us put our drone to work on your land. 

If your ground is capable of growing a food plot, we’re capable of planting it. We offer mid and late season food plot fertilization services as well. 

Skip the expensive equipment. Hire us to bring more deer onto your property. 

Brian: (320)266-8072

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