Mechanical Weed Control

CFS specializes in both the fertility of your organic acres, as well as customized mechanical weed control applications. We are an authorized dealer of Einbock farm equipment across the Upper Midwest.ย 

The Effectiveness of Tine Weeders for Weed Control

Tine weeders are one of the most popular methods of organic weed control for good reason. Their customization features (specifically those on the Einbock Aerostar and Aerostar Exact) offer a wide variety of applications in both pre and post emergence scenarios. 

We’re testing Einbock vs Hatzenbichler this spring and excited to share the results with our farmers. 

The Effectiveness of a Rotary Hoe for Weed Control

A rotary hoe for weed control? The rotary hoe is another trusted piece of weed control equipment for organic farmers.

The Effectiveness of Cultivators for Weed Control

The row crop cultivator is as old as the books themselves when it comes to weed control and trusted methods to get it done right.

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