Hatzenbichler Cultivators

Hatzenbichler Cultivators are one of the most popular inter-row cultivators for organic farmers. With options that will suit just about every organic farming operation, if you’re considering finding a new cultivator, Hatzenbichler is an excellent option. 

The customization options on a Hatzenbichler Inter Row cultivator are endless, contact Matt at CFS for a free quote on any piece of Hatzenbichler organic ag equipment. 

Matt Ylitalo, CFS Equipment Sales Manager: (320)583-3509

We put our service above all else. We’re organic farmers ourselves (since the early 2000s). We use the equipment we sell. We’re a family owned, family first operation that believes in the power of trust and doing the right thing. We only carry what we use and believe in.

Cultivators for Organic Farming

Crop Fertility Services has been organic farming for over two decades. In our experience, cultivation has been “something that needs to be done”.

Since utilizing a Hatzenbichler Cultivator with Camera Guidance System, as far as we’re concerned, our own organic ground will never be the same. 

Hatzenbichler vs Einbock Cultivator?

While CFS has carried Einbock Cultivators previously, we’ve since added a complete line of Hatzenbichler models for the customization options and ease of use. Both of these Austrian companies make a tremendous product, but our focus is on getting product in the hands of our farmer partners. 

Hatzenbichler cultivators ship fast, and we’re in the business of fast. 

Customize Your Cultivator

Camera Steering System

Add a Camera Guidance System to your Hatzenbichler Cultivator.

Heaping Shares / Inter Row Shields etc 

Hatzenbichler Cultivators can be customized in just about every way. Contact Matt at CFS for a quote on your unit.

Finger Weeders

Adding finger weeders to your cultivator allows for maximum effectiveness when cultivating. 

With all Hatzenbichler Cultivators, the customization options available to farmers are endless. Contact Matt at Crop Fertility Services (320)583-3509 for any Hatzenbichler Cultivator Price Questions.

Hatzenbichler Inter Row Cultivator Specs

  • Option to add Camera Guidance Steering System for precision accuracy when cultivating 
  • comes standard with 3-point hitch
  • support wheels
  • main frame profile tube bar
  • automatically steering with top link spindle
  • tool carrier “corn” full, with 5 pcs. s-tines with 3 pcs. duck foot shares (150mm) and 2 pcs. half shares (85mm)
  • tool carrier “corn” half, with 3 pcs. s-tines with 2 pcs. duck foot shares (150mm) and 1 pcs. half share (85mm)
  • parallelogram with ball bearing farmflex wheel for depth control on each “chop body” with smooth spindle adjustment

Grain Cultivators

For organic grain cultivators, Hatzenbichler builds a model with up to 32 rows. 

The cultivator uses a single spade design to target tight row spacing when cultivating grain. The Hatzenbichler Grain Cultivator delivers precision accuracy when cultivating grain.

Grain Cultivator Sizes

  • 4 rows (rigid frame)
  • 5 rows (rigid frame)
  • 6 rows (rigid frame)
  • 7 rows (rigid frame)
  • 9 rows (hydraulic foldable)
  • 12 rows (hydraulic foldable)
  • 18 rows (hydraulic foldable)
  • 32 rows (hydraulic foldable)

Photo by @pierrelnv

Hatzenbichler Cultivator Sizing

Hatzenbichler has a lineup of inter row cultivators that vary in both size and options. 

Customize your cultivation system

  • plant protection plates and discs
  • earthing up share
  • hand steering
  • finger weeder
  • pneumatic fertilizer spreader
  • hydraulic power steering
RowsFoldable?Weight (Lbs)HPTransport Width (Feet)
6hydraulic foldable17636010
8hydraulic foldable20288010
12hydraulic foldable335113010
16hydraulic foldable451918010
24hydraulic foldable   

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Get a quick, no-hassle quote on anything delivered to your farm. We pride ourselves on an unmatched level of service from start to finish and deliver anywhere in the United States. Try us, I dare you.

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Get a quick, no hassle quote on anything we carry.

We pride ourselves on an unmatched level of service from start to finish and deliver anywhere in the United States. Try us, I dare you.

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