Proven Weed Control Implements for Organic Row Crop Farmers

In the world of organic farming, there are several primary methods of organic weed control. Of course, mechanical weed control through the use of different pieces of equipment is the most effective. 

What implements are most effective for organic row crop farmers? Right now, in our own operations we use a combination of tine weeders, cultivators, camera guidance systems, weed zappers, and cover crops / green manure systems to help in our weed control efforts. 

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Types of Organic Farming Equipment We Carry

Crop Fertility Services carries a full line of equipment used for organic farming. When it comes to weed control in organic farming, mechanical weed control is one of the most effective methods in keeping weeds at bay.

The Right Tool For The Right Situation

Organic farmers have a variety of tools at their disposal, at any given time. While some are used more frequently than others, the equipment used on an organic farm can be the difference between a successful yield and a lackluster season. 

These are the most common tools used by organic farmers.

  • Cultivators
  • Camera Guidance Systems
  • Tine Weeders
  • Rotary Hoes
  • Flame Weeders
  • Weed Zappers
  • Air Seeders
  • Chisel Plow
  • Moldboard Plow
  • Planters

Of course, not every piece of equipment is necessary for organic farming. The majority of equipment used on organic ground is actually equipment designed specifically for invasive weed control. Since organic farmers do not have the ability to use herbicides, they turn to solutions that involve the use of equipment to remove weeds. 

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