Row Crop Flamer (Weed Burner)

A Row Crop Flamer is a great option for weed control on your organic farm. Propane Weed Burners are a certified organic form of weed control and is a terrific way to control weeds within the row. 

We build custom Row Crop Flamers. Reach out for an estimate on your custom design.

Customizable Options

Each Weed Burner is custom built based on your situation. Reach out to us for an estimate. 

  • Number of Rows
  • Row Width 
  • Section Control with Switches from the Cab (shown below)
  • Flow Rate of Propane 
  • Number and Size of Propane Tank
  • Broadcast or Selective Flame Control 
  • Adjustable Height and Direction of Flame Shields (Shown below)

How Flaming Works

The Plant dies from the heat (not the flame). The blast of heat ruptures the cells in the plant, this dehydrates the plant, leaves it unable to feed itself and it dies . When properly used, flaming can be efficient AND highly effective at weed control, especially in corn. Knowing when/how to use the Weed Burner is critical for maximizing fuel efficiency and preserving crop. 


The heat shields can be adjusted for height and flame direction in the row. 

Propane Control Unit in the cab of the tractor

Service & Experience

The guys here at Crop Fertility Services can not only design and build your Flamer, they can also show you how to use it. As a couple organic farmers, we have had our own Flamers for years, and would love to share with you our knowledge. 

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