Einbock Row-Guard Camera Guidance System

A camera guidance system for your cultivator is one of the best investments into overall efficiency a farmer can make. 

Aside from a dramatic increase in your precision weed control, this system maxes out your efficiency when cultivating.

The Row-Guard Difference

  • Get significantly tighter, cleaner rows (vs. hand-driven or wand systems)
  • Saves mental fatigue of “looking back” – camera does the work of finding the row
  • Cultivate faster (up to 9 MPH) – hitch slides the cultivator left-right with ease to stay tight to the row. 
  • Solves problem of left/right sway on sides of hills 
  • Customizable to number of rows, row width, crop type, crop color, etc. 

See how Much tighter to his corn mark is able to get using the Row-Guard

How does it work?

The Row-Guard camera reads for a high concentration of green pixels in multiple rows. You tell the computer how you set up your rows, and the camera does the rest. 

The hitch slides the cultivator left – right in real time, allowing for cleaner AND faster cultivating. 

Maximize Efficiency

The Row Guard system works with most cultivator setups, but pairs especially well with the row crop cultivators made by Einbock.

Using the Row-Guard with finger weeders behind the cultivator maximizes soil distribution and is the most efficient way to cultivator for organic weed control.

Farmers are able to set row configurations (spacing, row count) from the cab of their tractor. The clear benefit is a dramatic increase in efficiency when cultivating. The Einbock Row Guard system brings the equipment onto precise row centers by the use of a hydraulic side shift. 

The Row Guard Camera Guidance system works in any scenario, regardless of the row spacing and number of rows. 

This system uses a camera to scan multiple rows, ensuring it’s accuracy and success no matter the level of weed infestation in a field.

Precision Cultivation Using A Camera

The Row Guard Camera system is the single best option for farmers looking to spend less time looking backwards, and more time moving with more efficiency. 

Why would you use a camera on your cultivator?

  • Increased efficiency 
  • Cultivate at higher speeds, allowing the farmer to cover more ground faster
  • Get closer to rows, ultimately cultivating as many weeds as possible
  • Less steering fatigue

The Row Guard System

One of the best investments you can make on your farm is the investment in a camera guidance system for your cultivator. 

We’ve experienced excellent results with the Row Guard system on our own farms, and we’re thrilled about the possibility of helping you on yours. 

We are confident the Row-Guard pays itself off in a very short time, both in time and higher yields from better weed control. 

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