Chicken Manure Pellets, Pelletized Chicken Manure for Sale

We sell chicken manure pellets to organic farmers throughout the Upper Midwest. Since 2012, Crop Fertility Services has been the pelletized chicken manure resource for organic farmers (and, our own organic farms!)

OMRI Listed Chicken Manure Pellets Near Me

Pelletized chicken manure, chicken litter pellets, OMRI listed chicken manure pellets, crumbles, whatever you refer to it as, is one of the best organic fertilizers for row crops available to organic farmers today. 

Pelletized chicken manure consists of just one ingredient, raw chicken litter

CFS Chicken Manure contains the major nutrients (N,P,K). 

Poultry Manure has been shown to decrease the bulk density, and to increase water holding capacity, oxygen diffusion rate, organic matter content, and overall stability of soils.

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the pelleted chicken manure process

Buy OMRI Listed Chicken Manure Pellets for Organic Farming

For nearly a decade, we’ve been partnering with organic farmers to get better fertility on their organic ground through the use of chicken manure pellets. We take pride in the highest quality of our pelleted poultry manure that’s trusted on thousands of acres across the Upper Midwest and Canada each and every year. 

OMRI Chicken Manure Pellets for Sale 

Crop Fertility Services has built our business on just one simple thing: trust. 

For us, when we say this is a partnership, we don’t just say that. Without your repeat business, our business is one sided. If we’re one sided, we don’t exist. We’ve spent the better part of an entire decade focusing on building relationships that put the farmer first, by providing products that do what they’re supposed to do. When you’re in the business of making chicken manure into a viable product that transports long distances, consistency is everything. From maintaining a consistent analysis to creating a manure pellet that holds its shape for years (literally, years) without breaking down when covered correctly, when we mean consistency we mean it. 

We sell multiple lines of organic fertilizer in some of the States we’ve highlighted below, as well as Missouri, Illinois, and Michigan. In addition to chicken manure pellets for sale Upper Midwest, we also service Canada. Farmers throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta have used our pellets on their organic ground with high levels of success.

4/3/2 analysis chicken manure

Chicken Manure Pellets Analysis

We wrote an entire article that takes a deeper dive into the analysis of pelleted poultry manure, specifically our layer hen pellets. 

While we sell our pelleted manure at a 4-3-2 analysis, it’s important to remember that all manure is variable in it’s nutritional content, and poultry manure is no outlier. 

When we create our chicken manure pellets, our goal is to make a product that sits around 12% moisture. This allows us to create a stable analysis as well as flow easily from a hopper bottom or end dump trailer for transport.

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We pride ourselves on an unmatched level of service from start to finish and deliver anywhere in the United States. Try us, I dare you.

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