Bulk Chicken Manure Pellets

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Buy Bulk Chicken Manure Pellets

We deliver bulk chicken manure pellets to organic farmers throughout the Upper Midwest. Rather than relying on an outside trucking firm, we use our own trucks to deliver pellets on demand in both hopper bottom and end dump trailers.

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Hopper Bottom

A hopper bottom load works best for long distance / storage deliveries where every ton is critical to your bottom line. Farmers must have an efficient system in place for unloading hopper bottom trailers into their storage facilities.

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End Dump

Manure pellets delivered in end dump loads occupy 99% of our deliveries. By far the most convenient delivery option, pellets delivered in this fashion allow us to truck straight to your field.

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Our Delivery Advantage

When you place an order, we’ll work one on one to find a delivery time that works best for you. Whether we’re bringing pellets during the Winter for storage, or straight to your fields in the Spring, our priority is getting your pellets on time and on your schedule.

CALL (612) 309-7522

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