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Crop Fertility Services offers custom manure spreading services in Minnesota. We are a family owned business that knows and understands the challenges farmers face. 

Our team consists of hard working, farmer first individuals that follow a strict process to ensure your custom spreading solution is delivered to your precise needs. 

We own and utilize various manure spreaders to ensure that all manure application rates, stockpiling, and spreading is done to your exact specifications. 

For more information about our Minnesota Custom Manure Spreading Service contact Brian Halonen of CFS: (320)583-3465

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MN Custom Manure Applicators

Crop Fertility Services specializes in the handling of bulk poultry litter. We sell chicken manure pellets, raw chicken manure and turkey manure. 

We also offer custom manure application throughout Minnesota and are willing to travel, depending on job size and need. 

Each year, we custom spread manure over thousands of acres in Minnesota. For a custom manure spreading quote contact Brian Halonen of CFS, or fill out the form above.

About Us

We are a team of farmers who know and understand the challenges farmers face each year on their farms, whether it be organic or conventional. 

Crop Fertility Services was founded in 2012 and has been serving farmers throughout the Upper Midwest and Canada ever since. 

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