Black Earth Alpha Plus

Alpha Plus is liquid humate that is created using a derivation process with humalite (a concentrated source of humic acid only found in Alberta, Canada). 

Featuring a unique blend of functional carbon groups, Humalite is unbeatable by other source materials. 

Alpha Plus utilizes an extraction method that isolates the fulvic acids and most bioactive humic acids incorporated into this unique source material. This produces a robust humate that will give your crop a kick in the rear. 

Typically applied as; top dressing, injection through irrigation, starter fertilizer and foliar applications. 

Available In : 5 gal & 265 gal

OMRI Listed : YES


Humic Acid (HPTA method) | 3.5 %

Hydrophobic Fulvic Acid (HPTA method) | 1.5%

Inert Ingredients (Water) | 95%

pH | 5.5

Appearance | Liquid

Specific Gravity | 1.05

Agricultural (Soil Applications) – In furrow, banded within top dress fertilizers, injected through irrigation equipment. Recommended Use Rate : 0.27 – 1.08 gal/acre (2.5-10 L / ha). Use up to 5X per season until fruit set. 

Agricultural (Foliar Sprays) – Dilute to a maximum of 10% concentration of solution in water or fertilizer solutions. Recommended Use Rate : 0.13 – 0.27 gal/acre (1.25 – 2.50 L/ha) per application. Use up to 5X annually from pre plant until fruiting. 

Nutrient Transporter – Improves the process and availability of nutrients moving from soil to plant. Think of it as going from a 1  2 lane highway. 

Germination – Allows for faster germination

Efficiency – Increases the effectiveness of soil and foliar fertilizer applications. 

Stress Tolerance – Better stress tolerance.

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