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Looking to buy a tine weeder? CFS carries both the Einbock Aerostar tine weeder and the Einbock Aerostar Exact tine weeder. Both tine weeders offer an incredible amount of versatility and customization. The Tine Weeder has become one of the most popular methods of mechanical weed control for farmers across the globe as a result of this.

Tine Weeders 

What is a tine weeder?

Tine weeders are a versatile piece of equipment used for mechanical weed control. 

One of the main reasons we prefer the use of a tine weeder on our organic ground is because of it’s versatility in both pre emergence, and post emergence weed control. The Einbock Tine Weeders that we carry here at Crop Fertility Services offer a wide range of customization (for some of you.. almost TOO much customization) and options designed to work for your specific situation. 

Can you move the tine sections? Yes. The tine sections are adjustable to fit your field layout.



  • The Aerostar is Einbock’s versatile, established Tine Weeder.ย 
  • Exact Tine Position and Control.ย 
  • Most models have hydraulic tine control – (30′ and up)
  • Up to 60′ models available
  • 1″ Line Spacing of the Tines – (60 tines per section)
  • Plastic Fork Support – (prevents wear of steel components)
  • Compact Retraction for transportation
  • Strong Construction


Aerostar Exact

  • Includes all the features of the Aerostar + more
  • The Aerostar Exact uses the Aerostar frame, adding wheels to the rear for more precise depth control.ย ย 
  • Can weed row crops (crop, soybeans, sunflower, edible beans, vegetables) when row is just visible with the precise depth control.ย 
  • ย Slot for Upper Link
  • Hydraulic Tine Control


The Aerostar

The Aerostar Exact

How to use a tine weeder

Click below to read our article on how to use a tine weeder.ย 

The Einbock Aerostar Exact Tine Weeder in Action – Notice the uniform control of the tine sections across the entire frame. 

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