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A Must Have Implement For Organic Farmers

The Tine Weeder is one of the single most effective tools organic farmers can use for weed control. Looking for Tine Weeder Pricing? Crop Fertility Services is a team of organic farmers that specialize in using the very equipment we sell. While we currently carry a full line of what we believe is the best tine weeder on the market, the Hatzenbichler Tine Weeder, has proven to be the tine weeder brand we turn to time and time again on our own organic acres. 

We have thousands of hours in the cab operating tine weeders on our own organic farms, if you have questions related to tine weeders or are interested in getting a quote, please give us a call we would be happy to assist you in any way. 

Video shows Hatzenbichler Tine Weeder tine weeding in beans with some corn residue. 

Tine Weeders

What is a tine weeder?

Tine weeders are a versatile piece of equipment used for mechanical weed control. These pieces of equipment are made using spring loaded tines that flick weeds out of the ground, exposing their roots and killing the plant.

One of the main reasons we prefer the use of a tine weeder on our organic ground is because of it’s versatility in both pre emergence, and post emergence weed control. The Hatzenbichler Tine Weeders that we carry here at Crop Fertility Services offer a wide range of customization (for some of you.. almost TOO much customization) and options designed to work for your specific situation. 

Tine Weeder vs Harrow

A tine weeder is the modern day, highly improved version of a drag harrow. Many farmers still refer to a tined weeder as a Harrow.

If you’re considering buying a Harrow for your farm, the product you’ll receive is a tined weeder, also known as a tine weeder.

Can you move the tine sections?

Yes. The tine sections are adjustable to fit your field layout.

Do you have Hydraulic Tine Angle Adjustment?

Yes. That option is standard on most sizes. 

Do you have Hydraulic Down pressure on the tine section baskets?

Yes. That is an option added by many people – especially if it’s a bigger tine weeder and/or in terrain that is hilly/uneven ground. 

Why Are Tine Weeders So Effective?

Tine weeders are one of the single most effective methods of blind cultivation for better weed control, because of the way they target weeds without harming a plant’s growth. 

With the hundreds of individual tine sections and hydraulic down pressure on each individual basket and tine, the tine weeder moves rapidly back and forth across the top of the dirt to disturb the soil and remove unwanted weeds. 

The photo above, by Eric Gallandt, shows weeds targeted by a tine weeder.

Types of Tine Weeders

As far as commercial agriculture is concerned, the tine weeder is not a new piece of equipment. In North America, however, farmers have not utilized tine weeders until more recent years. The tine weeder is a highly effective weed control implement for organic farmers, and there are several manufacturers of these implements. 

Hatzenbichler Tine Weeders

The Hatzenbichler tine weeder is the preferred tine weeder among organic farmers. Not only does the Hatzenbichler offer a better trash flow solution for farmers, it offers invidual hydraulic down pressure on each section, setting it far and above competitor models in the tine weeding space.  

More on Hatzenbichler Tine Weeders

Lely Tine Weeders

Treffler Tine Weeders

Einbock Tine Weeders

Einbock is a popular tine weeder model for organic farmers. Crop Fertility Services has previously been a dealer of Einbock Tine Weeders. Einbock makes two models of tine weeders, an Aerostar tine weeder as well as the Aerostar exact tine weeder.

For tine weeder pricing, contact Ron Fleming at Crop Fertility Services via call or text (612)309-7522.

In the video above, we’re demonstrating the advantages of a tine weeder when used for organic farming. 

In the video above, we’re demonstrating the advantages of a tine weeder when used for organic farming. 

How Does A Tine Weeder Work?

Tine weeders eradicate weeds by using slightly bent pieces of thin steel on a coil spring to apply pressure to the ground, which in turn removes small weeds when pulled over the ground. One of the major reasons tine weeders are so effective and cover so much of the ground is because of the back and forth action that results from their contact with the ground surface. 

We’ve put together a complete “How to use a tine weeder” guide that farmers find helpful after the purchase of their new tine weeder. 

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