Finger Weeders

Finger Weeders for Cultivators are an excellent addition to your current cultivation system. You can add Einbock Finger Weeders to an existing cultivator, or they match perfectly with any Einbock Cultivator

What do finger weeders do? Finger weeders allow you to get in the row, break up more soil, disrupt more weed growth, and allow more dirt to be thrown into the row which ultimately covers weeds and kills them. 

Farmers who use finger weeders find that to maximize their effectiveness, they’re best used in conjunction with a camera guidance system on a cultivator. The camera system allows the finger weeders to get closer to the row, maxing out their effectiveness. 

Why use Finger Weeders?

We’re using Finger Weeders on our cultivation system because of the proximity to the row. Finger Weeders are built of flexible material that “flicks” weeds from the base of the plant, allowing a farmer to get closer than ever to the actual plant row without creating catastrophic damage. 

Finger Weeders will mound dirt in the crop row, smothering young weeds that are otherwise difficult to eliminate with the cultivator shovels. 



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