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Finger Weeders

Finger weeders are a tool used in conjunction with a cultivator. Finger weeders mount to a cultivators toolbar and will mount on most cultivation systems. The main benefit of finger weeders is that they effectively remove weeds from the plant row itself, without harming the crop. 

Finger Weeders for Cultivators are an excellent addition to your current cultivation system. You can add Hatzenbichler Finger Weeders to an existing cultivator, or they match perfectly with any Hatzenbichler Cultivator

What do finger weeders do? Finger weeders allow you to get in the row, break up more soil, disrupt more weed growth, and allow more dirt to be thrown into the row which ultimately covers weeds and kills them. 

Farmers who use finger weeders find that to maximize their effectiveness, they are best used in conjunction with a camera guidance system on a cultivator. The camera system allows the finger weeders to get closer to the row, maxing out their effectiveness. 

Video Demonstrations of Cultivator Finger Weeders

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Why use Finger Weeders?

We’re using Finger Weeders on our cultivation system because of the proximity to the row. Finger Weeders are built of flexible material that “flicks” weeds from the base of the plant, allowing a farmer to get closer than ever to the actual plant row without creating catastrophic damage. 

Finger Weeders will mound dirt in the crop row, smothering young weeds that are otherwise difficult to eliminate with the cultivator shovels. 


How Do Finger Weeders Work?

Finger weeders are manufactured using a rigid polymer designed to remove weeds from the base of each individual plant by rotating at high speeds when attached to a cultivation system. Finger weeders naturally flex, pushing down on the soil before “flicking” weeds in the white root hair stage of growth, with no damage to the planted crop.

Benefits of using Finger Weeders on your cultivator include:

  • More thorough cultivation, as finger weeders reach into the plant row itself 
  • Maximum weed control, from increased disturbance in the plant row and additional dirt piled into row

How To Increase The Effectiveness of Finger Weeders

The most efficient way to maximize the effectiveness of your Finger Weeders is by utilizing a Cultivator Camera Guidance System. Camera Guidance Systems allow for faster cultivation, increasing the overall soil disturbance in plant rows, which drastically reduces the number of weeds in your row. 

Examples of Finger Weeders Working

The video to the right demonstrates finger weeders working in conjunction with one of our Hatzenbichler Cultivators. The Finger Weeders are highly effective at penetrating the crop row, removing weeds while leaving the desired planted crop undamaged.

Risks of Cultivating Without Finger Weeders

For organic farmers, cultivation is one of the top ways to reduce weed pressure later in the season. Cultivation allows the crops to emerge, not only getting an early jump on weeds but also freeing up valuable nutrients necessary for early growth. 

The biggest risk to cultivating without Finger Weeders is weeds in the plant row itself. When a Finger Weeder system is in use on your cultivator, the Finger Weeders flick weeds out of the row itself, reducing the amount of in row weed pressure. 

Price of Finger Weeders?

Finger Weeders range in price from $970-$1300 per row. Assuming your Finger Weeders are priced at $1,200 each row, the cost to add them to a 12 row cultivator would be $14,400. Always call for an exact quote.

The photo to the right shows a close up of cultivation with finger weeders, where unwanted weeds are being removed from the row. 

Types of Finger Weeders

The major finger weeder manufacturers are Hatzenbichler, Einbock, KULT, and Tilmor. The majority of finger weeders used in North America are all produced with parts from one manufacturer. 

For a quote on finger weeders for your cultivator, contact Ron Fleming (320) 286-2470.

Hatzenbichler Finger Weeders

Hatzenbichler finger weeders (pictured right) are capable of adapting to just about any type of cultivator, not just Hatzenbichler Cultivators. In addition to standard cultivators, finger weeders are a popular addition to Cultivators with Section Control.

Einbock Finger Weeders

Einbock finger weeders are a popular type of finger weeder across North America. Einbock Finger Weeders can be found on the used market, though, if you’re considering buying a set of used finger weeders we’d just as soon recommend buying new. 

Tilmor Finger Weeders

Tilmore Finger Weeders are generally not recommended for row crop cultivation, when compared to the beefier models offered by Hatzenbichler, KULT, and Einbock. 

KULT Finger Weeders

KULT Finger Weeders are a popular type of finger weeder that adapt well to multiple cultivator systems found across North America. 

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