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What is the analysis of chicken manure pellets?

Our pellets typically offer an analysis between a 4/5% Nitrogen, 3/4% Phosphorus, and 2/3% Potassium.

What should I spread pellets with?

Any pull type broadcast manure spreader works, we recommend a Chandler spreader.

What’s the price per ton? 

Check our manure pricing page for more, however, chicken manure varies anywhere from $135-$240 per ton depending on delivery area.

Should I spread in spring or fall? 

For farmers that are ahead of the game, or have the opportunity, spreading manure in the fall ensures a “less hectic” spring (like that’s a thing). Whether or not you spread your pellets in the spring or fall does not offer a significant advantage, though, if you choose to spread in the fall we recommend incorporating the product as soon as possible.

Can I use pellets in organic practice?

You can absolutely use a pelleted chicken manure on your organic ground. Some manure pellets may be OMRI approved, some may not. Regardless of whether the pellets are OMRI approved or not, you can still use them on your organic ground. We wrote an article about OMRI approval and manure affidavits to help you answer questions you may have.

Do you sell chicken manure pellets by the truck load?

We sell our product in bulk truck loads.

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