Chicken Manure Pricing

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Find Chicken Manure Pricing.

Unfortunately, we have not yet finished development of our chicken manure pricing calculator. When we do, you’ll find it embedded here. We do have a few guidelines that will help you understand our pricing system (and to get a price.. we need your location, call us at (612) 309-7522, we’ll calculate it over the phone).

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  • Location: we deliver chicken manure pellets throughout Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin (and we’ll go further, if it makes sense for both of us)
  • Quantity: of course, larger orders work well as we can be efficient with delivery schedules — however, quantity is not as important as location.
  • Tonnage: we only sell in full semi-loads, either hopper bottom or end dump
  • Time of Year: if you can take pellets during “off-seasons” like summer or mid winter, this is beneficial

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We’re just normal organic farmers, helping other organic farmers.

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The Minimum Pellet order is 25 Tons (one semi-load) – Fill this out, we’ll be in touch!