Chicken Manure Pricing

How much does chicken manure cost? Furthermore, how much do chicken manure pellets cost? 

The process of pelleting chicken manure is time and manpower intensive. Of course it costs more than raw chicken manure, but, how much? 

We price each load according to the distance it’ll be delivered. 

Give us a call, or send us a text at (612)309-7522 for an accurate up to date quote on pellets delivered directly to your farm. 

Or, fill out the form. 

*we’re not going to bother you. We’re farmers first. We’re probably out in the field cultivating just like you are. For us, this isn’t a buck. This is a relationship built on trust. Our entire business is built off of the fact that we can help share ideas to farm organic better, together. 

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The Minimum Pellet order is 25 Tons (one semi-load) – Fill this out, we’ll be in touch!