OMRI Listed Lime For Organic Farming

Looking to increase PH levels on your Organic Farm? 

Our Simple Source Cal-Egg Lime is OMRI Listed for use in organic operations. Like our pelleted chicken manure, our OMRI listing allows for immediate use on any organic farm.

This product is a High Calcium, Low Magnesium egg shell specifically for organic farming.

  • Pass Through #60 Sieve: 2.5%
  • CCE: 88.6%
  • ENP: 30.6%
  • Moisture 13.7%
  • Minimum Pounds ENP/Ton: 528
Photo shows truck dumping bulk egg shells, our OMRI listed organic lime product for organic farmers

Crop Fertility Services puts service before all else. We’ve been organic farmers ourselves (since the early 2000s). We use the equipment we sell. We’re a family owned, family first operation that believes in the power of trust and doing the right thing. We only carry what we use and believe in.

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