Purple Cow Organics

Crop Fertility Services is proud to partner with Purple Cow Organics to offer inputs certified for organic use. Purple Cow Organics prides itself on offering 100% organic soil biology products to help your farm perform to it's maximum potential.

Buy CX-1 Purple Cow Organics

Purple Cow Organics offers a cost effective way to add biology to your organic program. The main offering from Purple Cow is a liquid product called CX-1. 

What is CX-1? 

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Soil Biology for organic farmers

CX-1 Purple Cow

CX-1 is a liquid product built for organic farmers. 

for use with cx-1

Purple Cow Activator

Activator is designed for use with CX-1.

Compost solutions for organic farmers

Purple Cow Compost

Purple Cow Organics offers a variety of compost options for those looking to find the best fertilizer for outdoor grow operations, as well as vegetable farmers looking to fertilize their root crops. 

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