The Best Cultivator for Organic Farming

When we think of the best cultivator for organic farming, there are several things that come to mind. Of course, situation dicates all. If you’re farming a small amount of acres, getting away with that old 6 row cultivator your grandpa farmed with might be suitable. Or maybe, investing in something newer just doesn’t make financial sense, and that’s totally fine. Your situation impacts the cultivator you use on your organic acres. 

Evaluating The Best Cultivators for Organic Farming

There are many different cultivator manufacturers in the world of cultivators and farm implements in general. 

For organic farmers, however, the options aren’t as broad. While the old time classics have stood the test of time for quite some time and for good reason, newer manufacturers such as Hatzenbichler and Einbock have stolen the show. 

When we think about the top cultivators for organic farmers, those are the only two brands that stand atop the competition. 

On our own organic acres, we use Hatzenbichler Cultivators. We firmly believe that after comparing Hatzenbichler vs Einbock, the Hatzenbichler Cultivation System is a superior cultivator for the organic farmer and for a multiple reasons. 

In this video, we discuss the cultivator setup CFS is using to cultivate beans. In this video, we are running a Hatzenbichler XL Camera Guidance Hitch, 12 row 30″ Hatzenbichler cultivator with Angle Knives (L-Knives) and Hatzenbichler finger weeders.

Why Should I Upgrade My Cultivator?

There are two main reasons you should change your cultivation system. First, speed. Cultivate more ground. Second, efficiency. 

The Hatzenbichler cultivation system is a superior cultivation system that enables more ground coverage both in terms of in the row as well as the amount of acreage you can cultivate each day.  

We understand that the price of this system is not cheap, but when you start crunching numbers I think you will find that you can’t afford to not invest in this technology. Cultivating 2X as fast can make the difference between getting your cultivation done before rain, or not. Coming home without a kinked neck or headache from concentrating so hard can make the difference between a happy spouse and kids, or not. This machine will truly impact your life in more ways than one. We can work with you to secure financing if money is the only roadblock right now.

XL Camera Guidance Hitch

A game-changing piece of technology for organic farmers. 

  • Double your cultivating speed
  • Can handle any 16 row cultivator weight (including Hiniker, Buffalo, Kinze)
  • Get tighter to the crop row
  • Easy to use 
  • “Swaying” of cultivator on hillsides is no longer a problem
  • Saves mental fatigue of “white knuckling” to stay tight to row
  • Can use in nearly any row crop


Hatzenbichler produces a high-quality, very-effective cultivator.

  • Lighter than most American cultivators
  • Less “Slop” vs. American made cultivators
  • Strong frames
  • Automatic upper-link steering
  • Easy to mount parallelograms (row units)
  • Easy to adjust down-pressure on row units
  • Very customizable for sweeps, L-knives, shields, discs, hilling elements, etc.  
  • Overall – very easy to use and make adjustments

Finger Weeders

Work well with camera guidance, as you can set them tight  and better control the weeds in the crop row. 

  • Mounds dirt into crop row, covering smaller weeds
  • “Flicks” out weeds in crop row
  • Doesn’t damage crop 
  • Breaks up soil in the crop row


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