24 Row Cultivators for Sale

The 24 Row Cultivators we sell are built by Hatzenbichler. We have been using Hatzenbichler cultivators for the past number of years and have been able to achieve true precision cultivation using this equipment. 

If you are looking for a 24 row cultivator for your farm, give us a call. We’d be thrilled to answer any questions you may have! 

Learn more about the Hatzenbichler Cultivator here, or the Salford Cultivator here. We’ve used both extensively on our own organic farms and sell both of these highly effective cultivators. If you have any questions whatsoever do not hesitate to give us a call at (320)286-2470.

Cultivator Demonstration Videos

Below are a few of our top videos on row crop cultivators. We post every video demonstration we make, here. You can also view all of our videos over on Youtube.

Easy Adjustments for Precision Cultivation

If you’re an organic farmer, you know the struggles of early cultivation. Over the past decade, the addition of camera guidance systems and easy adjustments to cultivators have given farmers far better control over their cultivators.

The video shown here demonstrates just how easy it is to adjust the Salford Cultivator. While this cultivator is only available in 12 row and 16 row sizes, the Hatzenbichler Cultivator which offers similar adjustability is available in 24 row sizing.

For a quote on a 24 Row Hatzenbichler Cultivator, give us a call at (320)286-2470 

Hatzenbichler 24 Row Cultivators

Crop Fertility Services carries a complete line of 8 Row Hatzenbichler Cultivators. The Hatzenbichler Row Crop Cultivator is one of the most advanced cultivators on the market. With options like an added cultivator camera guidance system and a cultivator with section control, finger weeders, and shovel customization, the Hatzenbichler Cultivator for Organic Farming is one of the most popular row crop cultivators for organic farming. 

Customization Options for the 24 Row Cultivators We Sell

There are many ways to customize your row crop cultivator. Adding implements such as finger weeders or a camera guidance system can make dramatic differences in overall weed reduction throughout your organic acres. 

Additional customization options with your row crop cultivator include: 

Additional Cultivator Sizes We Offer

Beyond the 24 Row Cultivator size we offer, we sell cultivators in the following sizes.  

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