Black Earth Magna Plus

The Magna Plus product contains dry humate granules that are created using a derivation process with humalite (a concentrated source of humic acid only found in Alberta Canada). 

The unique blend of applicable carbon groups in the Humalite are unparalled when compared to other source materials. 

The Magna Plus humic-fulvic product is truly innovative; providing the unique benefits of humalite in a durable, fertilizer-compatible granule, partiallly solubilized for quick release and availability in all soils. 

Typically applied as; Broadcast applications, In-furrow or banded with fertilizers. 

Available In : 50 lb & 2000 lb

OMRI Listed : NO

Humic Acid (HPTA method) | > 45%

Hydrophobic Fulvic Acid (HPTA Method) | 2.25%

Moisture Content | 12%

pH | 7.5 – 8.5

Bulk Density | 3.12 lb/ft^3 (50 kg/M^3)

Appearance | Irregular granule

Agricultural (Broadcast Applications) – Can use as a standalone product or mixed with appropriate dry fertilizers. Recommended use rate | 20-75 lb/acre (22-84 kg/ha). Timing | Before planting in the Spring, after harvest in the fall (perennial crops), or between cuttings. Frequency | 1X per season. Can do make additional applications for perennial crops if so desired. 

Agricultural (In-furrow or banded w/fertilizers) – Recommended use rate | 5-20 lb/acre (5.5 – 22 kg/ha). Timing | Preplant or at planting.  Frequency | 1X per season. 

Rapid Release – The partially solubilized Magna Plus allows rapid release in all soil types. 

Improved Nutrient Efficiency – Has shown to improve nutrient efficiency (the transport highway of moving nutrients from soil to plant) in more vulnerable conditions. 

Soil – Soil structure and moisture retention are shown to improve. 

Unique Combination – Provides the benefits of both humic acid and fulvic acid in one unique product. 

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