Black Earth Humates For Sale

Black Earth Humates are the solid form of Humic acid and work to enhance the value of your fertilization. Tailored to the organic farmer as this is a naturally occurring substance.

Humates will improve soil health, grow stronger plants, and ultimately return higher yields when properly applied.

What Are Humates?


Humates are described as the salt of humic acid. Humic acid is liquid, humates are the solid form of humic acid. Humates are formed by the breakdown of organic substances (plant & animals) over millions of years underneath the soil. Humates, in their natural state, look like a black coal powder.


How do Humates help?

The organic substances in Humates are rich in micro and macro minerals. Humates are not a fertilizer, they enhance your fertilizer. Humates provide good bacteria, that naturally help to protect your crop. Humates are also sponge-like, this is very valuable to areas susceptible to drought. They enhance the efficiency of Nitrogen, Phosphurus, and Potassium uptake into plants. Think of going from 1 to 2 lanes on the highway. It allows for more vehicles to travel, or in this case more nutrients to travel to the plant. Humates have also been shown to improve root growth. 


Why Black Earth Humic Acids?

Humates are a terrific option for Organic Farmers

  • Black Earth Humates come from Alberta, Canada; an area rich in humic substances, but low in ash and heavy metals. 
  • All of Black Earth products are OMRI certified*. 
  • With the wide variety of products available, you can find the humalite product that is best suited to your situation. 
  • Variety of application methods.

*The Magna Plus is the only product we offer that is not currently OMRI certified. 

The results don’t lie, Black Earth Humics work!

Why Use Humic / Fulvic Acids?

  • The acids are a food source for soil microbes, increasing both their activity in mineralization and crop residue breakdown. 
  • Improves the tilth and aggregation of soil, resulting in better aeration and water movement.
  • Increases the Cation Exchange Capacity in the soil, which allows for more nutrient availability. (think of going from 1 → 2 lanes on a highway). 
  • The amphoteric (neutralizing) properties work with pH challenged (acidic or alkaline) soils to improve seed germination and viability. 
  • Makes nutrients in soil more easily available to the plant by building Nutrient Bridges and displacing the nutrients off of clay through electrostatic charges. 

Active12 is an extracted humic acid, comes ready to use in liquid form. 

It is very versatile with 12 % humic acids.

Active24 is an extracted humic acid, comes ready to use in liquid form. 

A stronger version of Activ12, with 24 % humic acids


Activ80 AG is an organic humic acid granule.

The AG blend is more coarse than the XP blend.  

Containing over 80% humic substances, the Activ80 AG is a highly reactive humified source of carbon. 


Activ80 XP is an organic humic acid granule.

The XP blend in more fine than the AG blend. 

Like the Activ80 AG, the Activ80 XP also contains over 80% humic substances. 



The Magna Plus product is a dry humate granule.

The Magna Plus humic-fulvic product is truly innovative; providing the unique benefits of humalite in a durable, fertilizer-compatible granule, partially solubilized for quick release and availability in all soils. 


This blend is a concentrated organic nano-filtered fulvic acid, that is high CEC low molecular weight.

Working as a strong complexing agent, the fulvic acid assists with product and nutrient intake into the plant tissue, thus increasing plant efficiency and efficacy.


Alpha Plus is liquid humate.

Alpha Plus utilizes an extraction method that isolates the fulvic acids and most bioactive humic acids incorporated into this unique source material. This produces a robust humate that will give your crop a kick in the rear. 

Crop Fertility Services has been selling pelletized manure in the Upper Midwest since 2012. We are organic farmers, we use and stand behind all the products and services we offer. 

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