Minnesota Custom Drone Seeding And Spraying Service

Our commitment is to pushing the envelope in Organic Farming. We are excited to be one of the nations first Custom Drone Applicators for Agriculture. 

Our custom drone application service allows us to achieve: 

  • Cover Crop Application
  • Frost Seeding Cover Crops
  • Cover Crop Inter-Seeding Standing Crops
  • Field Imaging
  • Aerial Crop Spraying
  • Orchard Spraying

In the State of Minnesota, there are programs that help farmers cover the cost of cover crops planted in season. We utilize a drone to frost seed cover crops and cover crop inter-seeding.

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Using Drones For Frost Seeding in Agriculture

Traditionally, farmers have seeded their cover crops in the fall, or late spring after their crop has been planted. 

Frost seeding your cover crops with a drone is one of the best ways to get earlier growth out of a cover crop. When frost seeding, a drone can seed a cover crop into a field before a tractor could ever work that same ground. 

As a result, one of the major benefits to frost seeding cover crops with a drone is that you can get a month (or more) of cover crop growth. 

Frost seeding with a drone maximizes the potential of your cover crop:

  • Increases organic matter in the soil
  • Captures more Nitrogen, making it available to the cash crop later on during the season
  • Improved weed suppression

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The photo to the right (or below, if you’re on a mobile device) shows a cover crop that was seeded with a drone during August of 2022. 

In this example, our farmer harvested his corn crop and grazed cattle into the winter on this same ground. 

As a result, the farmer was able to improve the efficiency of the field, saving on feed costs, capturing Nitrogen, and having the cows spread the manure throughout their grazing process.

On top of this, the farmer was able to take advantage of a cover crop incentive program that paid for the cover crop seed and application costs with a drone. 

Photo shows a cover crop inter-seeded with a drone on a cash corn crop
Photo shows drone aerial seeding cover crop into standing corn crop without crop damage

Finding A Cover Crop Incentive Program In Your County

Here in Wright County where we’re located, farmers can take advantage of a cover crop incentive program that helps to reduce (or, in certain cases, eliminate) the cost of putting a cover crop program to work on your farm. 

Cover crop incentive programs in Minnesota vary from county to county. Additionally, farmers can take of the NRCS cover crop incentive program. 

We have experience dealing with cover crop incentive programs in nearly every county in Minnesota. 

Minnesota Cover Crop Incentive Program Case Studies:

  • In 2022, one program paid up to $65 an acre for inter-seeding Cover Crops

Incentive programs for cover crops are available for cash crops as well as for cover crops as livestock forage.

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The Advantages of Using A Drone to Aerial Seed Cover Crops

Utilizing a drone to aerial seed cover crops provides a great advantage to farmers who are using, or looking to utilize cover crops in their standing cash crop. 

Benefits to Aerial Cover Crop Seeding with a Drone

  • No crop damage through the use of traditional cover crop seeding equipment (our drones do not ever touch the growing crop)
  •  Seed at the best possible time, for example, right after a rain which maximizes cover crop germination
  • Aerial cover crop seeding with our service maximizes the farmers time (we do it for you!)
  • Seed at any crop growth stage

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Photo shows our drone aerial seeding cover crop seed in August
Photo shows drone flight path when frost seeding an alfalfa field with a drone

What Is Frost Seeding?

Frost seeding is the process of seeding a cover crop, or any crop, into ground that is currently frozen. Frost seeding works well for cover crop seeding because the natural thawing process of frozen ground works seed into the soil for improved spring-time germination. 

Frost seeding provides a great benefit to farmers, especially through the use of cover crops, because it allows the cover crops to get an early jump on spring growth. In turn, this reduces overall weed pressure and maximizes their Nitrogen fixing efficiency throughout the season. 

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