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Salford Cultivator

Crop Fertility Services is an authorized dealer of the Salford Row Crop Cultivator. We have been developing this highly effective row crop cultivator with the Salford team for the past number of years on our own organic farms and are excited to be able to offer this impressive piece of equipment for sale.

The Salford Row Crop Cultivator is a North American Built row crop cultivator built for the organic farmer, or for the conventional farmer who is looking to combat weed resistance issues on their conventional farm.

Give us a call at (320)286-2470 for a quote on a Salford Row Crop Cultivator, available in 12 row and 16 row, 30″ spacing.

The video above shows some of the unique advantages of the Salford Cultivator.

Salford Cultivator Demonstration Videos

Over the past several years, we’ve been working closely with the Salford team to develop their North American built row crop cultivator. During this time, we’ve had the opportunity to document much of the process. If you don’t see a specific video here below, consider taking a look at our Youtube channel for more.

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Salford Row Crop Cultivator Advantages

Precision dirt flow at higher travel speeds. This is a truly high speed cultivator. With the right setup, high cultivation speeds are entirely possible. The Salford Cultivator was engineered to be used at 8+ MPH.

Quick Adjustments: with an impact and a 3/4” socket, the entire cultivator can be adjusted for varying crop and ground conditions.

Down pressure adjustments, rear sweep to front sweep, hilling boards, depth, finger weeders, wheel track down pressure

Attached Camera Hitch: camera comes standard on all Salford Cultivators. The attached camera hitch allows the cultivator to stay within 1/2” (or less) accuracy.

Section Control / Hydraulic Down Pressure: comes standard on all Salford Cultivators, there are separate down pressure settings for tractor wheel track rows.

Improved Guidance: camera and wand guidance, select between camera or wand on digital interface – wand improves accuracy on higher wind days or crops of more maturity.

High Residue Cultivator: 3 sweep design with a large rear center sweep and trash cutting colter as part of the gauge wheel allows cultivation in higher residue fields.

Salford Cultivator Finger Weeders

The Salford Row Crop Cultivator comes standard with a built in Camera Guidance System and Finger Weeders. Finger Weeders are a highly effective tool on the organic farm, with the ability to flick weeds inside the crop row out – while not damaging the crop. 

Finger Weeders are best used in conjunction with a cultivator camera guidance system

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