Black Earth Activ80 AG

Active80 AG is an organic humic acid granule. 

The AG blend is more coarse than the XP blend. 

Containing over 80% humic substances, the Activ80 AG is a highly reactive humified source of carbon. Can improve root systems, build up biomass, increase nutrient uptake and availability; ultimately producing higher yields and improved crop quality. 

Typically applied as; broadcast or in-furrow application. 

Available In : 55 lb, 2000 lb and 2400 lb. 

OMRI Listed : YES

Yes, Activ80 AG is OMRI Listed


Humic Acids (Colorimetric) | 80%

Inert Ingredients (Humalite) | 20%

pH | 3.9

Bulk Density | 740 kg/m^3 (46.2 lbs/ft^3)

Parameter | Typical % | Microns

Humic Acids (Colorimetric) | 20% | >3360

Inert Ingredients (Humalite) | 75% | 3360 -707

pH | 5% | <707

Agricultural (Broadcast) – Apply at least 1X/yr. 100-250 lbs/acre (115-285 kgs/ha). 

Agricultural (In-furrow & side-dress) – 40 lbs/acre (45 kgs/ha)

Hydroseeding (Broadcast) – 400-600 lbs/acre (450-675 kgs/ha)


Phosphate – Up to 30% increase in phosphate availability

Humic Buffers – 10 parts humic buffers, 1 part sodium

Nitrogen – Reduce nitrogen volatilisation

Carbon – Build reactive carbon

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