In 2020, we began the transition from Einbock to Hatzenbichler. Both Hatzenbichler and Einbock are built in Austria, specifically for organic farmers. Both brands make high quality Tine Weeders and Cultivators. We ultimately chose Hatzenbichler for the improved adjustability of their implements.

Hatzenbichler Tine Weeders vs Einbock Tine Weeders

Both implements are practical on the organic farm. We have found that the spacing of the tines on the Hatzenbichler Tine Weeder provides an advantage for tine weeding in higher residue situations. For many organic farmers, this is a legitimate concern preventing them from utilizing a tine weeder. With Hatzenbichler, the 1.5″ spacing of the tines provides excellent coverage in the crop row, while reducing the amount of trash or residue that collects in the tines themselves.

Hatzenbichler Cultivators vs Einbock Cultivators

The Hatzenbichler Cultivator System is designed to be easily adjustable, allowing the organic farmer to quickly fine tune the implement for changing field conditions.

In the video below, Scott, one of the owners of Crop Fertility Services takes a deep dive into some of the major differences between Einbock and Hatzenbichler cultivators.

We have covered thousands of our own organic acres using both Einbock and Hatzenbichler. We’ve continued to turn to Hatzenbichler for our own acres and are confident in the results you’ll find on your own organic farms.

For a quote on any piece of Hatzenbichler equipment, call or text Ron Fleming at (612)309-7522.