Using A Drone To Plant Food Plots For Deer

While Crop Fertility Services specializes in management and inputs for organic row crop farmers, our custom drone service offers deer hunters an excellent tool to get food plots planted in off the beaten path areas, or areas where a food plot was not thought possible.

If you’re a deer hunter who lacks the time, resources, or convenience to put in a food plot, call or text Brian Halonen of Elevated Ag Solutions at (320)266-8072.

Brian is a highly successful deer hunter who has a tremendous passion for all things food plot related, especially when it comes to attracting more deer to your property.

We’ve seeded our own food plots using our drone for several years, with excellent results.

Aerial Seeding Deer Food Plots With A Drone

There are a number of advantages to seeding food plots with a drone and some of them overlap with the benefits row crop farmers get from drone seeding cover crops. Aside from the obvious flexibility seeding from the air provides, here are a few other major benefits to using our drone to seed food plots.

Limited Time Or Resources

For many of the deer hunters that utilize our service, time is the major concern. They’re less concerned about how the food plots are planted and more concerned about the time it takes to get them in the ground. We’re available to plant food plots at the optimal time and on your schedule, so blocking off an entire weekend during the busy spring and summer is no longer an issue.

Not only do we plant custom food plots for deer with a drone, we also utilize traditional methods of planting if the situation dictates. We have the ability to till and plant any type of food plot for deer, not just using our drone. If you’ve got a need for a custom food plot planting or design, contact Brian Halonen at (320)266-8072 via call or text, he will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Better Pricing On Food Plot Seed

Because we’re in the farming business, we have the ability to bulk purchase seed that is typically used for cover crops on a farming operation. Many of the deer hunters we custom plant food plots for take advantage of this, having our team acquire the seed for the food plot itself. This is of high convenience to many, as they eliminate the need to go out and purchase seed themselves.

While this is a nice benefit to many, some of the deer hunters we work with still like to have us plant the seed they already have or are planning to purchase. Our drone is capable of planting just about any type of seed, at any rate. If you have questions on what we have available, it’s best to contact Brian via call or text. He can be reached at: (320)266-8072

Get Food Plots In Off The Beaten Path Areas

Planting a food plot for deer is a tough task to begin with, depending on it’s location. More often than not, the best places to plant a food plot are in an area that’s heavily wooded surrounding, or in one that requires crossing areas with poor access.

In this case, using a drone is a major advantage. We can plant a food plot virtually anywhere, as we are able to fly into and out of the area we’re planting at. For many of the deer hunters we work with, our drone provides the additional advantage of choosing the most opportune area for a food plot that was not previously possible.

Much of the time when it comes to food plots, deer hunters and land owners opt for the spot they’re able to easily access that checks a few of the other boxes. With a drone, we’re able to pick the single best area or areas, because we can plant them anywhere.

Plant Food Plots Through Trees

Land owners or deer hunters who hunt in Northern Minnesota know the challenges that planting a food plot in thick forest can bring. While there are growing challenges in these areas as well, adding a food plot on your hunting property in areas where there are a lot of trees can be a huge advantage come hunting season, for obvious reasons.

Creating an ideal scenario for deer is hard enough, but once they’ve learned your property has the food source they need, bringing them in is like leading a horse to water. Getting them to drink, that’s another story.

If you have an area you think would work for a food plot, give us a call. We’re happy to take a look at it and let you know what your options are. If you’re considering it this season, we do recommend getting on the schedule sooner rather than later as by mid-summer we’re starting to get booked out for the season.

Winter Seeding Food Plots

Winter seeding a food plot for deer works wonders for early season weed control, as well as creating a year round food source that encourages deer to favor your property year round.

In the video below, we’re using our drone to custom frost seed a standing hay field with alfalfa. While this was performed on a field that’s specifically for agricultural hay production, the same thing can be achieved on any ground that is designed to be used as a food plot.

Inter-seeding With Standing Food Plots Such As Soybeans

Planting an additional food plot crop into a standing soybean or corn food plot is a great idea regardless, as it extends the growing season, but for many deer hunters the time and resources this requires adds up.

Using our drone service to inter-seed standing food plots with a late season food source for deer is not only a great way to extend the use of the food plot itself, but can add valuable nutrients to the soil.

Cover crops, when used in farming applications, are typically used to reduce erosion and fix Nitrogen in the soil for the following growing season. Adding costly fertilizer to your ground just for a food plot isn’t always feasible, so inter-seeding a cover crop or some other food source for deer into your standing crop can be a great way to get the best of both worlds.

Photo shows a cover crop inter-seeded with a drone on a cash corn crop

We Build Custom Food Plots For You

Just because we use our drone to custom plant deer food plots doesn’t mean it’s the sole method of custom food plot planting. We’re happy to answer any custom food plot questions you may have, just give Brian Halonen a call or text at (320)266-8072 for any of your food plot related questions.

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