Thank you for attending our 3rd Annual Field Day, August of 2022. Information for 2023 Coming Soon!

Organic Farming Field Day in Minnesota

3rd Annual Organic Farm Innovation Expo

General Information:

When: August 18th, 2022

[NEW] LOCATION HAS CHANGED: 17177 60th St SW Cokato, MN 55321

Time: 9 am to 3 pm

Free for the general public- RSVP is required

Last year we welcomed over 160+ farmers to our field day and this year we’re looking to double attendance with even more in-depth trials and a more diverse line up of equipment by Einbock, Treffler, Hatzenbichler, Lemken, John Deere, and Kuhn.

  • All Field Demonstrations: this year, we’re preparing corn and bean crops at two different growth stages, to demonstrate and compare multiple unit manufacturer capabilities.

    • Side by Side Comparison: Treffler, Hatzenbichler and Einbock Tine Weeders
    • Side by Side Comparison: Hatzenbichler’s new early season “Duplex” Cultivator, the Original Hatzenbichler Camera Guidance Hitch and John Deere’s soon-to-be-released Camera Guidance System
    • Free Lunch: Catered by Famous Daves
    • Market Update: Terra Ingredients (with a special surprise..), Question & Answer Session, Vendor & Sponsor Discussion
    • Flame Weeder in Field Demonstration
    • Side by Side Comparison: High Speed Discs from Lemken Rubin (Lemken Rubin 12) and Kuhn (Kuhn Interceptor)
    • Networking: this year, we’re expecting 300 row crop organic farmers from 7+ states, with years of experience. The 3rd Annual Organic Farming Field Day is one of the single best places to network with Organic Row Crop Farmers this year.

The event is free for the general public. Please call 320-286-2470 to RSVP so we have enough food for everyone.

We can’t wait to see you this August! 

Thank you!

The Crop Fertility Services Team

Mark, Scott, Tyler, James, Kate, Ron, Brian, Cody, Traven, Brandon, and Gavin

photo from cfs annual organic farming field day 2022

Join us for a day of networking with these Sponsors and Organic Farmers from all over the Midwest right here in Cokato, Minnesota.

  • Hatzenbichler
  • Albert Lea Seed
  • Kuhn Machinery
  • Lemken Machinery
  • Einbock
  • Pacific Gro – Seafood For The Soil
  • Schlauderaff Implement Co.
  • Midwest Machinery Co (John Deere)
  • Treffler Machinery
  • Everbest Organics
  • Certis Biologicals
  • Black Earth
  • APV Machinery
  • Prinsco Water Management Solutions
  • Marrone Bio Innovations
  • Helm Ag
  • Tractor House
  • Accura Flow Cultivators

    Famous Dave’s Lunch presented by Linamar Ag

Thank You To Our Sponsors

For 2022, we are excited to announce that the 3rd Annual Organic Farm Innovation Expo is presented by the following Sponsors. 

photo from cfs annual organic farming field day 2022


Hatzenbichler is one of the top manufacturers of Organic Farming Implements. Crop Fertility Services is proud to be a dealer of Hatzenbichler Implements including:

  • Cultivators
  • Camera Guidance Systems
  • Tine Weeders
  • Air Seeders


Linamar Ag

Famous Dave’s lunch presented by Linamar Ag

Visit: https://www.linamar.com/

Albert Lea Seed 

Trusted since 1923, Albert Lea Seed is the home of Viking Corn & Soybeans. 

Albert Lea Seed provides organic conventional non-GMO farmers with seed for corn, soybeans, pasture & forage, small grains, and cover crops.

Visit: https://alseed.com/

Kuhn Agricultural Machinery

Visit: https://www.kuhn-usa.com/

Einbock Agricultural Machinery

Visit: https://www.einboeck.at/en/

Pacific Gro – Seafood For The Soil

Pacific Gro is committed to producing the most biologically active organic fertilizer that will help all farms improve the health of their soil and the yield and value of their crops.

Visit: https://www.pacificgro.com/products

Schlauderaff Implement Co.

Schlauderaff Implement Co of Litchfield, Minnesota is a full service New Holland dealer.

Visit: https://www.schlauderaffimp.com/

Midwest Machinery Co.

Midwest Machinery is a John Deere dealer serving Minnesota.

Visit: https://mmcjd.com/

Everbest Organics

Visit: http://www.everbestorganics.com/

Certis Biologicals

Visit: https://www.certisbio.com/

Helm Ag

Visit: https://www.helmag.com/

Black Earth Organics

Visit: https://blackearth.com/

Marrone Bio Innovations

Visit: https://marronebio.com/

Prinsco Water Management Solutions

Visit: https://www.prinsco.com/

Accura Flow Cultivators


Tractor House

Visit: https://www.tractorhouse.com/

3rd Annual Organic Farm Innovation Expo [RSVP]

Date: August 18th, 2022
When: August 18th, 2022
Where: 17177 60th St SW Cokato, MN 55321
Time: 9 am to 3 pm

Free for the general public- RSVP is required

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We pride ourselves on an unmatched level of service from start to finish and deliver anywhere in the United States. Try us, I dare you.

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