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Benefits of Using Humates When Farming

Growing crops can be a challenging business. There are many things that can affect the plants, and every crop likes different conditions. A year that’s very dry, or a year with above average rainfall can have either brilliant, or devastating effects. Not to mention other crop growing problems that can affect your yield. Weeds are always an issue with organic farming, and if there aren’t the right amount of nutrients in the soil then you could be left with weak plants.


Insuring Crop Health

If you are having issues growing crops to the standard you want, it’s time to take an overall look at your plant health. Along with organic fertilizer, there are two great ways to ensure proper plant health. Improving soil biology, and humates.


Improving Soil Biology

Purple Cow Organics is one of the leading brands of microbes that can help to improve the health of your soil. Packed with dormant bacteria and fungi, they help to control weeds, and to transform nutrients into compounds that your pant can absorb.



Humates are just as important for soil health, and with Black Earth Humates, you’re sure to find the mix for you. Enhancing your fertilizer, humates grow stronger plants and ultimately return higher yields. Read on for the lowdown on exactly what we mean.


What Are Humates?

To put it simply, humates are ‘a salt of humic acid’. They form over millions of years as a result of the decomposition of plant and animal tissues that have been compressed. Rich, black, and earthy, their composition changes depending on where they are found.


Benefits of Humates

So, why do you need humates? Well, humates are the only known substance with the ability to hold onto every other nutrient in the soil. Because of this, they enable heightened nutrient absorption by your crop. They also:

  • Act like a sponge to hold water
  • Improve seed germination rates
  • Reduce the need for other fertilizers
  • Stimulate root growth

As you can see, humates really are the secret weapon that will improve any organic farm.


Black Earth Humates

Humates and soil health go hand in hand. Here at Crop Fertility Services, we are proud to supply the full range of Black Earth Humates so that you can choose the right type for you and your crop.



With 12% humic acids, Activ12 is typically applied as a top dressing, injection through irrigation, starter fertilizer, or through foliar applications. Perfect for improving root systems and increasing nutrient uptake.



At 24% humic acids, Active24 is highly concentrated. However, it can easily be diluted to desired ratios depending on where it’s needed. For distribution, it can be used in a band application, added in irrigation water, in the seed row, or in a foliar spray.


Activ80 AG

A coarse blend, the Active80 AG is an organic humic acid granule. Containing over 80% humic substances, it is a highly reactive humified source of carbon. Generally applied as broadcast or in furrow, it can build up biomass and produce higher yields.


Activ80 XP

Finer than the AG blend, the Activ80 XP is primarily used by companies doing secondary manufacturing with blend formulations and extraction of active ingredients. As such it’s generally used either in livestock feed or in horticulture.


Magna Plus

Dry humate granules, the Magna Plus is a concentrated form of humic acid found only in Alberta, Canada. It provides the unique benefits of humalite in a durable, fertilizer-compatible granule, partially solubilized for quick release and availability in all soils.



ActivFE is a blend of concentrated organic nano-filtered fulvic acid, another humate. Fulvic acid is permeable through root and leaf membranes and it improves the process & availability of nutrients moving from soil to plant.


Alpha Plus

Alpha Plus is liquid humate that uses a unique extraction process to only derive the best humates for your crops. Allowing for faster germination and a higher stress tolerance. Not only this, it also improves the effectiveness of soil and foliar fertilizer applications.


Black Earth Humates Dealer in the Midwest

If you are interested in more information about Black Earth Humates, then look no further. The experts at Crop Fertility Services can help. They are the go-to Midwest dealer, as well as having the full range Purple Cow Organics. Give us a call today.

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