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Growing crops is hard work – and it’s the plants doing the most strenuous of tasks. To keep going and produce the best harvest, they need the right sources of energy, just like when training for a sport.  Plants get a lot of their nutrients from the soil, which means that it’s important that they are returned again for the next growing cycle.

Constant crop planting can wear on the land as these nutrients are taken up by crops, which is why any organic farm knows how important it is to improve soil biology. Without good soil biology management, your crops simply won’t grow the way you expect them to year on year.


Improving Soil Biology

There are a number of ways to get nutrients back into the soil. Many farmers use cover crops and crop rotation. However, there are other ways that farmers can add additional nutrients to their soil:



In order to enrich the ground for crops, it needs to be adequately fertilized. This will restore the nutrients that the plants need and can be tailored for each individual crop. Unlike chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer continually builds into the health of the land and doesn’t always need to be applied every year. What’s more, organic fertilizer contains more carbon, which raises soil stability and encourages soil biota. Chicken pellet manure is one of the best available organic fertilizers for row crops, which is why we’re proud to provide it to many happy customers every year.


Microbial Products

When it comes to soil biology, it’s things that you can’t see that are doing all of the work. Soil microbes like bacteria and fungi aid with the transfer of nutrients in the soil that crops can then take up. Not only this, they can also help to control pests. Adding the right type of organic culture to your soil ensures that you are giving your crops everything they need.


Purple Cow Organics

This is where Purple Cow Organics comes in. They have a fantastic range of products designed to improve soil biology.



This is their main product, which is a 100% plant-based culture media capable of supporting beneficial soil organisms. This helps the plant to produce the phytonutrients that contribute to plant health, beauty and taste. It also supports the plants ability to withstand disease.



The organisms in CX-1 arrive in a dormant state, and Purple Cow Organics specially formulated activator is designed to bring them to life.  It is a humate and kelp formula that can improve plant resilience and trace mineral uptake. It is a balanced and diverse food resource to naturally occurring soil microbes.



Perfect for a range of crops, Purple Cow Organics classic and activated compost is a time tested and proven way to add beneficial microbes, carbon, and balanced nutrients to your soil. This 100% plant-based and organic product is OMRI listed for organic production.


The Best Organics For Your Farm

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