Best Fertilizer for Organic Small Grain Farmers

Organic Fertilizers for Small Grains

Finding the right fertilizer for small grains can be tricky. The process is even more complicated when you run organic farm or if you are working towards an organic certification. But when you grow wheat, barley, oats, or rye, picking the right organic fertilizer is the key to ensuring a good yield.


Depending on the type of crop you want to grow your needs can vary widely. Oats and rye, for example, can tolerate poorly drained or acidic soils better than wheat or barley can. Finding the right organic small grain fertilizer for your specific grains and growing conditions is critical.


Fortunately, the experts at Crop Fertility Services have worked with all kinds of organic crop farmers. We’re prepared to answer your questions and help you get the largest yield possible.

Chicken Manure Pellets for Your Small Grains Farm

While crops like wheat and barley don’t require the same high level of nutrients as corn, skipping this step altogether can seriously impact your returns. Avoid poor seed quality, field variability, increase weeds, disease, and difficult harvests by investing in your small grains fertilizer.

Most small grains respond well to manure or compost. One of the most popular fertilizers for organic small grain farmers is chicken manure. Pelleted chicken manure is popular because many small grains, especially fall crops, require generous amounts of P and K. Farmers reach for poultry litter for its high phosphorus and potassium levels.

Chicken manure pellets from CFS average a 4% Nitrogen, 3% Phosphorus, and 2% Potassium analysis, though we do not guarantee an analysis.

In addition to condensed nutrients, pellets are incredibly easy to handle and store, making them a viable fertility option for operations of just about any size.

Organic Small Grains Fertilizer

Another reason some farmers prefer to use chicken manure as fertilizer for oats, wheat, barley, and rye is to maintain their organic certifications. All of our pellets are OMRI Listed and may be used in certified organic food production. If you need to buy organic fertilizer for small grains, chicken manure pellets are an excellent option.

Being OMRI listed makes it very easy for farmers to use our pellets on any certified organic acres.

Of course, each situation is different. If you’d like to learn more about how farmers use our chicken manure for organic small grains, don’t hesitate to call. We are more than happy to answer your questions.

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