Importance of Grassland Care During Summer Months

We all love seeing a lush green field, especially when cattle are out grazing. While many people might think that a field doesn’t need much management, it still needs to be cared for correctly to keep it in tip-top condition.

If we don’t take good care of our grassland, it can easily become overrun with weeds or begin to develop into scrub. When this happens, effective grassland care becomes more difficult, and a lot more time and effort is needed to restore it to it’s former glory.


Why Grassland Care is Important

If you’re grazing cattle on the land, then you’ll already know why it’s so important to provide good grassland care in the summer months. High levels of weeds can:

  • Reduce the nutritional value of your grassland
  • Restrict grazing areas
  • Restrict new growth
  • Reduce nutritional value of hay or silage

Similarly, reseeding regularly is an incredibly important part of grassland care. It can increase the productivity massively as the new growth will begin growing earlier in the year as well as growing for a longer duration. The quality of silage will increase, and you’ll have happy cattle all around.


Einbock Grassland Care Equipment

In order to make the most out of your grassland, weeding and reseeding are vital components. To do this in a quick and efficient way, that isn’t going to affect the workings of your farm, you need the right equipment. This is where Einbock grassland care equipment can help. One of the best manufacturers in the business, they have a range of models that will suit any type of farm.


Grassland Weeders

Einbock has two types of weeders available. The Grassland Manager and the Grassland Manager Pro. The Pro is specially designed for contactors and those with large-scale operations. It is suitable for any terrain, will easily level molehills, and its solid yet flexible frame ensures that it can follow the contours of the ground.

The standard Grassland Manager is a little smaller and more manageable than the Pro, but still provides the same great results. The tines are designed to have a long life and can be adjusted to the angle needed. The Grassland Manager aerates the soil and will effectively mix organic manure and plant residue.


Grassland Seeders

With four machines to choose from, Einbock really does have something for everyone when it comes to grassland seeders. The Pneumaticstar comes in a Standard or Pro version, and each of these has the option for either a mechanical or electrically driven seeding box.

The Pro version is the machine that every contractor dreams about. Not only do all Pneumaticstar seed but they also weed the grassland as well, so it’s the ultimate in grassland care equipment. Working perfectly at high speed, the hydraulic pressure can be adjusted right from the cab.

The standard Pneumaticstar has great flexibility and can be used for underseeding and reseeding both cereals and corn. What’s great about this machine is that is does away with the need for a roller. Instead, you can close the gaps in grass turf and promote soil aeration – getting the job done without any fuss.


Grassland Care Equipment Dealer in the Midwest

If you are interested in more information about the Einbock grassland care range, then look no further. The experts at Crop Fertility Services can help. They are the go-to Midwest Einbock distributor as well as having a range of organic fertilizers on offer. Give them a call today.

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