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Everything You Need To Know About Organic Fertilizers

Fertilizers are needed for good crop health. Fact. The simple truth is, our soil just can’t provide the nutrients that many crops require to grow the way needed for production. Good yields are essential to any farm, and organic farming is no different. Plants can’t absorb certain nutrients, such as nitrogen, from the soil and so the amount present is all that is available to them.

Most times, this isn’t enough. While crop rotation and cover crops can add nitrogen back into the soil that has been removed from a previous harvest, it’s still normally less than your crop requires. And nitrogen is only one of the 17 nutrients that are essential for a plant to live. The main 3 found in crop fertilizers are nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.


Organic vs Chemical Fertilizer

Chemical crop fertilizers are artificially extracted elements. While the concentration of nutrients never changes, they do dissolve in water. This means that plants can absorb them quickly, but this doesn’t last for long.

Organic fertilizers are made out of natural animal or plant material and are designed to enhance the natural process of both crop and soil. While generally more expensive than chemical, organic fertilizer benefits are clear to see.


Five Organic Fertilizer Benefits

  1. They improve the structure of the soil. That’s right, because the fertilizer is organic, it will eventually improve the overall soil health – meaning it holds both more nutrients, and more water.
  2. It’s better for the environment. It’s really that simple. Organic fertilizers are sustainable, biodegradable, and kind to the earth. You don’t have the same risk of run off into rivers, and your soil will thank you.
  3. They are easy to apply. Crop fertilizers such as organic chicken manure pellets are just as easy to use as chemical fertilizer, and they’re much safer for us to apply as well.
  4. Unlike with chemical crop fertilizers, it’s difficult to over do it. As chemical fertilizers are very concentrated, too much can easily damage your crop. This is much more difficult with organic fertilizers. Yes, they do need to be composted correctly, but ultimately, they release their nutrients slowly over time.
  5. With organic manure, you’re not going to find any toxic amounts of certain chemicals in your soil. This can happen with chemical fertilizers and cause damage to your crop.


Chicken Manure Pellets

If you’re looking for organic fertilizer for your crops, then chicken manure pellets are a great option. Slow releasing, they have all of the nutrients your soil and crop needs. Easy to store and handle, they have the nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in good concentrations, all while being 100% natural and organic.

Crop Fertility Services chicken manure pellets are OMRI certified – meaning you can use them for organic food production. Nutrient dense and cost effective, we’re proud that this product is the most effective organic fertilizer for a range of crops.

At CFS, we’re always happy to chat. If you want to discover what organic fertilizer is right for you, or you want to talk more about our Chicken Manure Pellets, then we want to help. Call 612-309-7522 today or fill out our quick contact form to learn more.

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