Buy Chicken Manure Upper Midwest

Since 2012, Crop Fertility Services has been selling chicken manure Upper Midwest, from pellets to raw manure. During that time, we’ve grown to offer seed as well as Einbock equipment. We’re excited you’re here!ย 

Our chicken manure pellets are OMRI listed as of 2019.

Organic Farmers need an efficient, effective source of NP and K to grow organic crops. We sell chicken manure to the Upper Midwest to fill that need.

In addition to servicing Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and beyond.. we also work with farmers from Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Colorado, and Iowa.ย 

Keep checking in as we’re constantly adding content to our website!ย 

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The Minimum Pellet order is 25 Tons (one semi-load) – Fill this out, we’ll be in touch!