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Are you an organic farmer looking for mechanical weed control system? You’ve come to the right place. We’re organic farmers who use the equipment we sell.

While we are no longer dealers of Einbock specific equipment, we ultimately chose to carry Hatzenbichler Implements, there is a chance that we have used Einbock farm implements on hand.


Here’s our promise to you. We will make a recommendation that best suits your needs, not ours. That means, if using a competitor means you save cash, we’ll recommend a competitor. 

The success of our business means the inherent success of yours. If we only do what makes us successful at your expense, we won’t be around for long.

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Meet Brian, Kent, Tyler, Mark, Scott, Kate, and Tom. We’re the team of farmers that makes up Crop Fertility Services. We’re thrilled at the chance to help you improve your efficiency and grow yields on your farm! 

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