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If you want to grow an organic crop, then you need to buy organic seeds. It’s that simple. Why? Because standard seeds have been produced in the standard crop system, with fertilizers and insecticides. In addition to this, standard seeds are simply not designed to be grown organically, meaning they are less disease resistant and are fertilizer dependent. If you try to grow standard seeds organically, you’ll likely you’ll produce a poor yield.


Organic seeds are different because they have been grown to withstand disease and pests in a way that standard seeds haven’t. They are designed to be planted organically, so they’re the perfect seed for an organic farm. What’s more, with organic seeds, you can choose the specific type that fits your purposes. This will depend on your soil, the standard rainfall and temperature as well as the known pests in your area. Blue River are some of the best available, and that’s why Crop Fertility Services is a proud Midwest organic seed dealer of Blue River. They provide organic seeds for a wide variety of crops.

Midwest Organic Seeds for Sale


Primarily used as a feed crop, when planting organic corn, the soil temperature should be at 55℉ for the seeds to germinate quickly. The most important thing to remember when growing corn is to not plant too early – it needs the temperature to be consistently warm to grow with no sudden freezes. CFS, your organic seed dealer, has a variety of corn seeds available. Some can even withstand cooler weather.


The variety of silage seeds sold by Blue River means that there’s something for everyone. Whether you want racehorse potential or a slow dry-down for an extended harvest window, you’ll be able to find the quality organic seeds for your fields.


Soybean has fast become a popular organic crop to grow as demand for this legume increased across the country. It tends to prefer the sun and doesn’t need to be planted deep – only at 1.5 to 2 inches. If you are using CFS as your Blue River dealer, you’ll be able to choose seeds that will withstand drought and even be aphid resistant.


A great crop for organic dairy feed, alfalfa is also a good choice to implement into your organic crop rotation system, due to it’s soil conditioning properties. It can even reduce the pest populations in the fields adjacent to where it has been planted. With Blue River, you can choose from seeds that are disease resistant, have good winter survivability, and are suitable for low drainage soils. In fact, you can even choose seed that has all of these benefits.

Forages & Sorghum

There are many types of forage, and each one is useful in its own way. Forage Sorghum is a popular rotation crop to plant after corn, due to how good it is at getting rid of the pests that corn attracts. Clover is a wonderful cover and forage crop, with one planting able to last 3-4 years. No matter what type you’re after, there’s an organic seed for every farm.

Crop Fertility Services is a proud supplier of Blue River Organic seeds. If you want to discover which one is right for you, then we want to help. 

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