Best Fertilizer for Organic Soybean Farmers


Soybeans are versatile little legumes that fill a variety of needs in our society. They are becoming a widespread, profitable crop for farmers across North America and Canada. Soy products are a huge part of several industries such as food, fuel, and animal feed.

Soybeans are a great source of protein used as a major ingredient for animal feed. Soy also has uses in our food products. Soy milk is a popular alternative to cows milk, with fewer calories and sugars compared to other alternatives. Other soy food products include tofu and miso, and it can also be a healthy alternative to cooking oil. 

Other uses of soy include candles, with soy candles burning longer while producing less smoke, and as a basis for biodiesel. Compared to regular diesels, soy-based alternatives can produce up to 86% less greenhouse gases.

It is estimated that the U.S. will produce 4.13 billion soybean bushels in 2020/21, a 14% increase from last year. The soybean industry generates around $115 million for the U.S. economy. Soy farms cover an area of 83.5 million acres in America. In Canada, soy is the third largest field crop, with two-thirds of Canadian soy destined for global export.

Best Fertilizer for Organic Soybean Farmers

What do soybeans need to grow well?

Like most row-planted crops, soybeans require nitrogen to facilitate green, leafy growth. Because of the high protein content of soybeans, adequate nitrogen levels are essential. Nitrates and other minerals can sometimes be lost from soil due to drainage systems. However, unlike most other crops, soybeans can generally produce much of their own nitrogen through interacting with certain bacteria in the soil. This process is called nitrogen fixation and involves the soybean plant trading sugars to the bacteria in exchange for nitrogen. But sometimes, even soybeans need a helping hand. And to maximize growth, additional sources of nitrogen are needed.

Using high quality organic fertilizer for soybean growth

Nitrogen is often an expensive element of growing crops. But as soybeans can meet some of their own nitrogen requirements naturally, they don’t need a huge amount of help. To meet the nitrogen requirements of soybeans, high quality chicken manure pellets are the best fertilizer for organic bean farmers. They are readily available, and can have a huge impact for a relatively small investment.

If the soil holding a soybean crop is naturally lower in nitrogen, using supplements can really help to increase soybean yields. Because of their high protein content, soybeans require a lot of nitrogen. When harvesting, the crops can leave the soil with low nitrogen levels. To help retain the nitrogen levels in the soil for the next crop, chicken manure pellets are a great fertilizer for bean farmers. 

Most crops only require a small top-dressing of pellets, and it’s always better to under-dress. Some chicken pellet products can feed plants for up to three months with just one dressing.

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