Top Einbock Crop Care Products: Weeders, Cultivators & More

With the summer growing season fast approaching, now is the time to take note of how you are fertilizing your crop, as well as getting rid of all of those pesky weeds.

Weeds can be disastrous to any crop, and if you’re farming organically, they can quickly become difficult to manage. Yet there are ways to weed efficiently, and to prevent them sprouting up again. In order to do so properly, and in an organic way, you need the right equipment for the job.

Einbock’s crop care equipment is some of the best on the market. With designs suitable for any type of crop – and any type of terrain, there’s something for everyone. Most of their equipment can be adjusted to suit multiple crop types and is designed for ease of use. Take a look at the different products currently on offer.


Tined Weeder

The tined Einbock weeder is perfect for getting rid of weeds in row crops. Gentle weeding, but aggressive crust breaking, this piece of equipment will uproot all of your weeds – preventing them from regrowing while keeping your crop safe and protected.


Rotative Weeder

Combining the tined weeder and the rotary hoe, the rotative weeder really has it all. Capable of working in very difficult soil conditions, it can even be used for weeding in mulch sowing. The hydraulic pressure can be infinitely varied right from the cab, and this Einbock weeder is even suitable in late growth stages.


Rotary Hoe

A rotary hoe from Einbock is a great piece of equipment for any organic farm. Perfect at breaking crusts formed from sun or rain, it can even be used when the soil is still damp. Each one of the starts works individually and is designed to weed effectively without getting blocked.


Row Crop Cultivator

The Einbock cultivator for row crops is top of its class. Coming in a range of different models suitable for all types of crops, every one of the Chopstar range encourages the mobilization of nutrients in the ground, while effectively aerating the soil and getting rid of weeds.


Camera Steering System

This camera guided cultivator is the next generation in crop care. Capable of great control and minute adjustments, it can effectively tell apart crops even in ground with heavy weed cover and small plants. Stabilizing wheels guile the hoe along accurately even in hilly terrain.



Efficient hoeing not only protects your crop against weeds, it also aerates the soil and can save water as it prevents erosion. Breaking even the hardest of crusts, the Einbock cultivators known as Ridgers can navigate any terrain, even hills, and so are great for crops such as potatoes and more.


Rollstar Cultivator

Hoeing properly has lots of advantages for your crops. It saves water and is great in conjunction with organic fertilizers. Rollstar cultivators are perfect for hill crops but can also be used on field crops as well. With continuous variable adjustment of the working depth, the hoeing tool can be adjusted to the millimeter.


Einbock Crop Care Equipment Dealer in the Midwest

If you are interested in more information about the Einbock crop care equipment, then look no further. The experts at Crop Fertility Services can help. They are the go-to Midwest Einbock distributor as well as having a range of organic fertilizers on offer. Give them a call today.

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