Seeding & Fertilizing With Einbock Farm Equipment

Proper seeding and fertilizing your crops is essential, particularly if you’re an organic farmer. The demand for organic crops is on the rise, and the benefits of organic farming are clear to see.

While transition to organic farming comes with its costs, the crops produced can be sold at a much higher price. The more farmers in the US that turn organic, the less we’ll need to import organic crops to meet demand, so it really is a win-win situation.

Obviously, if you are going organic, you’ll need organic seeds. They thrive without chemical fertilizers or insecticides, so long as they’re seeded in the correct way.

Similarly, you’ll also need to use organic fertilizers. This can be done using manure such as chicken pellets, or with what is known as green manure. These are crops that are grown specifically to be turned into the soil in order to add nutrients. It helps prevent erosion and most importantly, is 100% natural.

Equipment for Seeding and Fertilizing

As we’ve mentioned, it’s essential for an organic farm to have the right equipment for seeding and fertilizing. Einbock are the leaders when it comes to this type of equipment, and it’s easy to see why. They really know the ins and outs of growing crops and exactly what’s needed from their equipment. Check out these four types of products can offer for seeding and fertilizing.

Pneumatic Seeding Box

Suitable for a wide range of seed varieties, a pneumatic seeding box from Einbock can be easily retrofitted to your current machine. It ensures that the seeding rate it’s set to is the seeding rate you get. This is done through a wide variety of technology including a flexible shaft and a splash guard. The different seeding rollers are easily changed out meaning you can get onto the next field in no time.

Mechanical Intercrop Seeder

If you are looking for a cost-efficient seeding of cover crops, then a mechanical intercrop seeder is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Einbock seeding equipment for cover crops has two main types to offer, and both are equally as good. No matter how rough the terrain, you’ll still get an even spread of seed – even on sloping ground. Easy to use, these seeders are also versatile, and suitable for machines with low working speeds.

Row Crop Drill

Planting row crops requires a different type of seeding, and Einbock have exactly what you need. With individually adjustable row distance, you can make changes depending on if the furrow is behind the tractor wheels or out to the side. Two different seed coulters ensure that the job gets done no matter what the ground condition is in.

Mechanical Fertilizer Box

Fertilizing made easy means a mechanical fertilizer box. Einbock fertilizing equipment, Fertibox has everything that you’ll need. Made of stainless steel and with two outlets per row, it’s the perfect combination of row fertilizer distributor and row crop cultivator. As the fertilizer is worked directly into the soil, this means that the working time is decreased while the effect is increased.

Einbock Equipment Dealer in the Midwest

If you are interested in more information about the Einbock seeding and fertilizing equipment, then look no further. The experts at Crop Fertility Services can help. They are the go-to Midwest Einbock distributor as well as having a range of organic fertilizers on offer. Give them a call today.

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