Best Einbock Tillage Equipment

As we move into May and June, some crops will already have begun to grow. Depending on your location and what you are planting, you might be looking ahead to the summer planting season, and what you can do to get the most out of you land.

Proper seedbed preparation is crucial to get the soil ready for seeding, and what this entails will vary depending on what you intend to plant. Seedbed preparation is all about making the land ready for seeding – and to optimize the initial growing stage. This generally happens in a number of steps. For many farmers, the first step will involve tilling the soil.


What Is Soil Tilling?

Soil tilling is when the earth is ‘turned over’. This can incorporate old stalks into the soil and turn the cover crop used so that it is then broken down – and its stored nutrients released. Tilling the soil is also a good form of weed suppression. It’s best to till at least a month before seeding, and the soil shouldn’t be either too wet, or too dry, so timing is crucial.

Soil tilling, and subsequent harrowing and seedbed preparation, can’t be done effectively without the right equipment.


Einbock Tillage Equipment

Einbock tillage equipment is some of the best on the market and they have options that will suit any farm or crop. With five different categories of tillage equipment available it’s hard to know which one to choose. That’s why we’re here to give you the lowdown on each of them.


Seedbed Combination

Einbock seedbed combination Extrem is perfect for every type of soil, whether light or heavy. As it’s a combination machine, it is easily adjustable and has different tools depending on conditions. Two harrow sections are mounted one after another in this machine. With the front section hanging on chains, this means that is it works well on stoneless soil that is heavy or sticky.


Fine Cultivator

The fine cultivator Vibrostar is best used on light, medium heavy and stony soil. Have a high amount of organic matter to be turned over? That’s not a problem. This fine cultivator has a specially designed frame and top-quality spring tines, ensuring an intense mixing of the soil. Great for seedbed preparation, it can be used in areas with wintergreen or secondary stubble and can incorporate liquid or solid manure into the soil.



The Einbock cultivator Taifun is the classic in seedbed preparation. A multi-purpose, highly efficient machine, it has a high and spacious frame construction which makes it perfect for use in areas of winter greening. More than capable of combating couch grass, incorporating manure, organic fertilizer and light stubble, this machine is the perfect all-rounder for improving your soil quality.


Universal Cultivator

The Enbock universal cultivator Hurricane is something of a superstar – it combines three machines in one. Perfect for stubble turning immediately after harvest, it supports soil life and prevents erosion by ensuring a good soil structure. It can also break up any compactions which is essential in seedbed preparation, leaving a leveled surface for you to work from. Excellent mixing with a large range of rear rollers ensures complete tillage of any size of area.


Front Roller

Einbock have two different models of front rollers available: The Star and the Spike.

The Star uses a 3-row star arrangement to optimally break the ground, even in humid and heavy soil. As the stars interlink, clumping is impossible, making this the perfect roller for extreme conditions.

Again using a 3-row arrangement, the Spike is narrowly spaced, and can mix finely grained and rough soil. The roller never becomes clogged due to the overlapping discs no matter what the conditions. This is the perfect roller for sandy, ploughed soil and even stony soil when you need to level and recompact the seedbed.


Grassland Care Equipment Dealer in the Midwest

If you are interested in more information about the Einbock tillage equipment and seedbed preparation, then look no further. The experts at Crop Fertility Services can help. They are the go-to Midwest Einbock distributor as well as having a range of organic fertilizers on offer. Give them a call today.

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