Einbock Aerostar Rotation Weeder

The Einbock Aerostar Tine Weeder is a popular tine weeder for many applications. The Aerostar can be designed to fit just about any soil type or situation.ย 

Perfect Weeding Effect

Designed for optimal weeding effect.ย 

Heavy Duty Construction

Every Einbock product is built to last, the Tine Weeder is no exception.

Optimal Soil Adaptation

Adjustable tines built to fit to your soil type.

Boosts Soil Activity

Tine weeders are designed to boost soil activity by working the top portion of the soil.


With adjustable tines, the Aerostar is highly versatile.

Use With Variety of Equipment

Exactly as the title says, the tine weeder wasn’t made for just one type of equipment.ย 


Tine weeders are a great solution for your organic and conventional acres. They are an excellent form of mechanical weed control.

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