Einbock Aerostar Exact Tine Weeder

The Einbock Aerostar Tine Weeder is a tine weeder system built by Einbock company out of Austria. The Einbock Aerostar Exact Tine Weeder has multiple different customization options, which we’ll detail below. 

Crop Fertility Services is a dealer of Hatzenbichler Tine Weeders, having previously been a dealer for Einbock. 

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Difference Between Einbock Aerostar Exact and Einbock Aerostar Tine Weeder

The main difference in the Einbock Aerostar and Einbock Aerostar Exact Tine Weeders is the slotted hole at the top of the tine weeder. 

After using the Einbock Aerostar and the Hatzenbichler, we chose to move forward with Hatzenbichler Tine Weeders

  1. Tines are direct suspended with high clearance and 1″ line spacing
  2. Constant tine pressure from front to back with hydraulic tine pressure adjustment
  3. Fixed Harrow sections to guarantee consistent working depth across the entire section
  4. Slotted hole for ground adaption in hilly fields
  5. compact design allows for smooth movement through terrain
  6. Pendular axle to compensate for uneven Ground. 
  7. Tines behind the wheels loosen the wheel tracks. 

Aerostar Exact Advantages

  • Rear wheels provide optimal Tine depth control in Hilly Terrain
  • Rear wheels give the frame more stability, especially in wider models
  • Tines are customizable
  • Option to add hydraulic tine control
  • Einbock Aerostar Exact Tine Weeders up to 60′ long
  • Tine Weeder folds for transport

Aerostar Exact Technical Specifications

Hydraulic Tine Adjustment

Hydraulic tine adjustment on the Aerostar Exact makes working in ever changing soil conditions easier. 

Slot for Upper Link

A slot for the upper link allows the Exact tine weeder to perform in hilly terrain

Fixed Sections

The rear wheels have an oscillating chassis for a precision tracking. The sections are fixed on forks free of movement, critical for the precisions depth control. 

Better with Larger Plants

The adjusted longer tines allow for more space under the tines, giving you the opportunity to tine larger plants. 

Tines are better at "Tip Forward"

Adjusted tines are better at staying forward. “Tip is forward of the bend”. They have a better effect of breaking the soil, while leaving the crop unharmed. 

Built for Late Weeding & Sensitive Crop

The Exact tine weeder is perfect for late weeding and sensitive crops. Also good for weeding out coachweed. 

Blind Combing

The Aerostar is built for Blind weeding with front and rear wheels. 

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