Best Organic Fertilizer Guide 2021

This is the best organic fertilizer
guide for growing crops next year.

Why should I trust you guys? Well, we have nothing to sell you (unless you farm over 400 acres, in which case you should contact us). We started our “Grow Organic” series as a way to give back to the community that enjoys to farm organic. We’re an organic agronomy company that works with large scale organic row crop farmers and advises organic vegetable growers all over North America.

Choosing the Best Organic Fertilizer for Garden Plants

When it comes to growing a high yielding organic garden, one thing is for certain. Finding the best organic fertilizer is the single most important thing you can do. 

Wait, more important than organic weed control? Yes. Even more important than weed control. 

The reason that the right organic fertilizer is more important than controlling weeds is that controlling weeds is the easy part. If you’re not able to control weeds, it doesn’t matter what fertilizer you use because the fertilizer will not work regardless! So with that being said, as is true on our own organic row crop farms (several thousand acres), the best certified organic fertilizer for gardens is the starting point you’re looking for. 

In this guide, we’re going to cover an entire gamut of items, from chicken manure to processed organic fertilizers as well as fish emulsions and do it yourself organic fertilizers. We’ll get back to all that in a minute, but first, let’s look at the organic crops we’re growing.

How to grow organic crops

  • Growing Organic Onions
  • Growing Organic Sweet Potatoes
  • Growing Organic Sweet Corn
  • Growing Organic Tomatoes
  • Growing Organic Garlic
  • Growing Organic Carrots
  • Growing Organic Beets
  • Growing Organic Mushrooms

Where’s the organic row crop love? Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s make one thing clear. We are organic farmers first, an agronomy company second. We specialize in working on large scale organic farms all across the United States, mainly organic row crops. Seeing as we’re talking about our organic gardeners in this guide, if you’re looking for more row crop information check out our growing organic row crops guide.

🏅 Our #1 Recommended Organic Fertilizer for 2021

🥈 Our #2 Recommended Organic Fertilizer for 2021

Organic Fertilizer for Gardens

B y far, some of the best organic fertilizer for gardens is that which comes from animals. Sure, you’ve different types of organic fertilizer like fish and kelp meal, but chicken manure is one of the earths best natural fertilizers for gardens. 

Natural Fertilizer FAQs

There are a ton of questions we get asked about different types of organic fertilizers, different organic fertilizer application rates, and so much more. 

When we get asked a new question and we write an article on it, we’ll link to it here. 

🏅 Our #1 Recommended Organic Fertilizer for 2021

🥈 Our #2 Recommended Organic Fertilizer for 2021

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